Ardakan Steel Complex

Ardakan Steel Complex is designed for the final production of 2.5 million Tones of steel products annually , including rebar and light section . This complex comprises various factories of steel production chain from iron ore to ultimate product as follows:

  • Iron ore concentrate production unit        Rolling Steel unit
  • Iron ore pellet production unit                   Iron casting Unit
  • Sponge iron direct reduction unit             Iron smelting  unit

The complex is currently on the agenda for the construction of a Midrex sponge iron recovery unit lisenced by KOBE Japan in the middle east region . One million tones of sponge iron with a parity of over 94% is converted to metallic iron . Finally the produced spong iron is used for iron smelting unit .



  • Phone: 035-32286312-13
  • Fax: 035-32286311
  • Address: 25th Km of Ardakan , Naen road , Ardakan , Yazd , Iran